Perl Scripting in Biology

Jaime Prilusky lsprilus at
Fri Apr 18 05:13:31 EST 1997

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> Rubin Eitan, bcrubin at writes:
>I am looking for a source of Perl scripts for bio-programming. At the moment I 
>need a rutine that would determine of what type (DNA/Protein) a sequence is. Is 
>there a good archieve for perl BioScripts?


Try he bioperl mailing list.

This is a mailing list to discuss the *development* of new modules for
the Perl5 language to store and analyze molecular biology information.
(The list is not intended for support and help, and should therefore be
relatively low in volume.)  Presently, we are focusing on designing
objects for biological sequences and structures.

To join the list, send a message to:
         bioperl-request at

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