Solaris 2.x on a Pentium?

Philip Blundell pjb27 at
Thu Apr 24 06:02:50 EST 1997

In article <5jmq45$nf5$1 at>, Greg <jquinn at> wrote:
>Chang Zhou (czhou at wrote:
>: Well, my suggestion is meant for those loyal Sun users
>: addicted since school years. The only complain I have
>: with Linux is the lack of solid software development tools.
>: GNU may be ok for some light work, but a lot of stuff is missing,
>: such as threads.  
>Doesn't Linux support pthreads?

Recent versions do have kernel-based threads and a pthread library,
yes.  I'm not 100% sure they're supported on the SPARC platform, but
if not they ought to be soon.


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