PCs and Macs?

Bill Billotte billotte at neelix.udayton.edu
Wed Dec 17 07:00:18 EST 1997

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> Does anyone know where I can find information about the percentage of
> molecular biology labs that use PCs vs. those that use Macs?

I am working on my PhD in physiology/biology and use both PC and Mac. 
Both have advantages and disadvantages.  I prefer the Mac for the ease of
use. Not b/c i don't know enough to configure a PC (i also have a
bachelors and masters in engineering) but because i like the interface. 
The other biologists in my department also have a PC or Mac depending on
their preference.  My opinion is that the Mac is a better quality machine
and you get more for your money.  They usually come with built in ethernet
cards and if you have more than one in a lab you can hook them together
with a simple cable and network them (yourself; no techs necessary).  For
example i have a Mac IIsi in the lab i use for email and for a data
acquisition (MacLab) machine in physiology lab.  There is a ton of
scientific freeware and shareware available for the Mac in addition to
commercial software.  I see no advantage of having a PC over a Mac besides
trying to be in the 'in crowd'.  Hope this helps.


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