Seq Search w/ Multiple Small Frag.

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Fri Dec 19 18:38:59 EST 1997

In article <67ebvo$rob$1 at>, williams at (Alan Williams) writes:
>I have sequence information for six peptide fragments from a trysin
>digest.  Are there any programs that will search the databases using
>the info in the six fragments to find significant matches.


You have to mess about quite a bit to do this though.  For one thing, you
have to use "-sort_by_total_score".  You also have to set the cutoff for
the individual HSPs very low, signify gaps between the peptides with
"-", and set the cutoff for the cumulative score to be something reasonable
and considerably higher than the individual HSP cutoff.

All that being said, I recall that this function has been broken from time 
to time, and I have not run it myself in years.  If you can't make it work,
email them and see if it is still supported. 


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Manager, sequence analysis facility, biology division, Caltech 

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