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Sat Dec 20 03:25:36 EST 1997

 William Coetzee (coetzeew at wrote:
 >Which is the best computer program to use in the molecular biology
 > under linux:
 >    database of clones, primers
 >    restriction anaylsis
 >    multiple alignment
 >    fragment assembly
 >    profile anaylsis
 >    ORF analysis

I doubt that there is an "efficient" program which combines all your requests
into a single application ... but there a several freeware (most of them) 
excellent programs that will help you a a lot.

We are currently working on a Clone/Cosmid/Sequence managing SQL database
with a Tcl/Tk interface for our ongoing Genome Sequencing Project.
This application CAPdb (Click And Pray database) tries to glue together most
of the applications needed for Sequence/Genome analysises. (public release 1998 ???)
(Gnomics Software,

There are a lot of programs for Win95/Mac too, but if you choose the Linux OS,
you'll get access to almost all biological programs available ...
A good start is "Molecular Linux" att
(Right now I just know of one single program that I'd like to run 
but which isn't available yet for linux ... PAUP ... but someone told me it's on the way)

c ya

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