how to reinstall free-software

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>Marc Goldstein wrote:
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>> > i installed a 30 days free-software, now the date is over, but i need to
>> > continue working with that software for somedays more, i have tried to
>> > reinstall it but it says to me that i have enjoied the software for 30 days
>> > yet, and i can't reinstall it,
>> >       how can i reinstall it, is it something about regedit??
>> > thanks  ;)
>> >
>> Try paying for the software through registering it. That always works for
>> me. :-)
>> Marc
>Me too.

Or, if you have an Apple MAC, you could try rebuilding you desktop:))
Just hold down the OPTION and COMMAND keys during start up. You'll lose the
finder comments (if you have any) but they can be recovered with Norton
Disk Doctor.

I guess this can be done on a PC, but I don't know how.

Then, don't forget to send the required number of folding beer tokens to
the hardworking programmer ;)

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