Dendrogram to postscript?

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Sun Feb 23 00:42:25 EST 1997

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Ashok Aiyar <aiyar at> wrote:
>I am looking for programs that will take as input a dendrogram
>(tree) created by ClustalW and draw a tree to an output postscript
>I would prefer Unix source code, but a DOS, Windows, or Mac binary
>will also be welcome.

My package PHYLIP has DrawGram and DrawTree.  These can take
phylogenies (or dendrograms) in the Newick (New Hampshire) format
that is one of the options in ClustalW (the PHYLIP output option).
They can write Postscript files of it.  Unix source, DOS, Windows, and
Unix binaries are all available.

There are also a number of other programs, such as Rod Page's TreeView,
that will do this too.  They are all described on the software page of the
PHYLIP web site:

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