Any program to create a spacefilling 3d-model from PDB-files?

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Mon Jan 13 11:07:35 EST 1997

In article <5b3bm3$1dfr at>, martin at (Martin Kroeker) wrote:
>Stephen Williams (s.m.williams.bcm at wrote:
>: There is an add on to PovRay to enable it to read PDB files. I only
>: had a quick look a couple of months back but never got around to using
>: it properly. E-mail me if you're interested and I'll try to find out
>: where I downloaded it from.

Just for the record, Walnut Creek CDROM has a CD called 'RayTrace' which 
contains the source for this converter. info at might help you find the 
author.  Their website is at Unfortunately they don't have the 
sources for pdb2pov there.

 I tried the source out of the box using Borland C++ but got a number of 
exceptions generated ( PC term for errors ).  Mostly array index problems.  
For what it's worth, I ended up writting a PDB PERL script to do the 
conversion.  PDB files are very easy to parse.


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