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Athel athel at IR2CBM.CNRS-MRS.FR
Sun Mar 2 10:10:50 EST 1997

Gerard Pujadas wrote:

"Which is the best Equation Editor available for Mac (and free of course
;-) ) to make complex statistical formulas before to paste them in

I think your demands are incompatible. If you want a free editor you'll
have to put up with what is supplied with word processors like Word 6
(plus, of course the pain of having to do your word processing in Word
6). If you really want the best one available, try Expressionist, from
Prsecience Corporation. It's not free, but it's a lot better than any
other I've seen. I've not updated since version 2.07 (March, 1990),
because that version still works perfectly with current Mac system
software and more recent word processors than I was using then.

Another possibility, which will give you even better results than
Expressionist, at the cost of a considerable investment of effort on
your part, is to learn TeX, of which good shareware implementations for
Mac are available. That'll cost you little or no money, but don't
imagine you'll be constructing "complex statistical formulas" the first
day, though with Expressionist you would be.


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