Access to MEDLINE pre-1981?

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>Our university, as with many others, has a license to access MEDLINE and 
>SCI, but these databases only go as far back as 1981.  Anyone know if 
>there's a (free) gateway  which would allow me to on-line search for 
>abstracts as far back as 1970 in the life sciences?  (I realise it's not 
>very likely, but you never know...)

Our University's MEDLINE subscription enables us to search back to 1966,
which is I presume as far as Medline goes back.  So you could ask your
library people whether they could either get University access to those earlier
years, as the databases do exist, or whether they could find some way for you
to do a search of them on a special-case basis.

I wish Medline would put a small amount of money into gradually going back
further -- it would probably not cost much, as the size the biomedical
literature shrinks as one goes back.  Furthermore, one does not have to
"keep up" with that literature -- it's of finite size and isn't growing.
It would be lovely to search back to 1900, or even 1850.

I have set followups to bionet.journals.note which is appropriate for this

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