QUERY: Software for viewing RNA secondary structure

Thebault Patricia scbi6080 at ucc.ie
Wed Mar 26 17:17:23 EST 1997

Chris Patil wrote:
> I am looking for software meeting the following criteria:
> 1) Displays secondary structure simultaneously with primary sequence
> (i.e., not SQUIGGLES, which only shows the secondary fold)
> 2) scales loops the same way it scales stems (again, SQUIGGLES always
> skimps on extensive loops, making them look smaller than they are)
> 3) compatible with FOLDRNA or MFOLD (GCG utilities) or MulFold (the Zucker
> program from which MFOLD is derived)
> 4) runs on a UNIX platform (or a Mac environment after the fold data have
> been exported) without requiring a fancy x terminal.
> Thanks a million in advance for any advice.

take a look at ESSA, it's available from the URL:
this software is available for sun and silicon.

thebault patricia

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