Converting Tiff files

Jeff Reidler jreidler at
Sat Nov 8 05:38:02 EST 1997

Try to save the images as TIFF when you save.  Then you should be able to
read an most programs.
Take a look at
and you can find access points to most of the imaging software.
Scion ImagePC at should work, and it's free.

Joachim Reichelt wrote in message <3462EFD6.361B00A2 at>...
>We run in trouble by converting tiff files. The problem is, we get
>files out of "IPL Lab Spectrum" Vers 3.1a by Signal Analytics
>and hav to get the stuff into "Image Quant" Vers. 3.3 by  Molecular
>we tried Paintshop, Correl, Adobe and ImageMagic but did not find a
>pathway that worked.

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