Viewer for Clustal .aln files for Mac?

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Wed Nov 12 04:47:00 EST 1997

Fergus Doherty wrote:
> I know there is a UNIX vewer app for Clustal alignments (belvu), but is
> there one for the Mac? (that uses shading/boxes/colour to indicate
> similarity etc).

In addition to ClustalX, there is a Mac version of BoxShade, which takes
MSF files (easily output from clustalw). Unlike the mainframe version of
BoxShade, the Mac version (a) has a fully dialog/menu driven interface
(b) will display your alignment or save it as PICT or EPSF/PS (or RTF or
TEXT) (c) does handle ClustalW MSF files (at least the ones I tried).

It is available from

I am the author, so I am biased in thinking it is quite nice. All the

Michael D. Baron

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