ANNOUNCE: WWWtacg (Ver 2) - Web Analysis of Nucleic Acids

Rodrigo Lopez rls at
Mon Nov 24 05:20:02 EST 1997

Harry Mangalam wrote in message ...
>   (^)  due to a bug/feature in readseq that I haven't figured out, very
>      raw sequences do not get converted properly.  I hacked tacgi2 to work
>      around this for most cases, but beware that for short (<100 b),
>      pasted-in sequences, it may fail.  Please mail me if this happens.

Please have a look at:


begin 666 Rodrigo Lopez.vcf
M>@T*14U!24P[4%)%1CM)3E1%4DY%5#IR;'- 96)I+F%C+G5K#0I%3D0Z5D-!

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