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Sun Oct 19 12:31:25 EST 1997

Stop using Netscape to read usenet.  The news reader is crappy.  Get a 
dedicated client to do the task.  You didnt say what platform you are using so 
I will assume a PC.  If this is correct go to  Go to usenet 
news readers and download Free Agent (which will allow offline reading).

In article <8771038167102 at>, lilio at wrote:
>I've selected a list of forums. I want to get every message and read
>them off-line. I went to "preferences" to the "select messages.." to
>read off-line and selected all the forums I wanted. Now when I connect
>to my ISP and "get messages" only the number of messages unread of the
>forums but when I get disconnected and try to read them off-line, it
>says "tcp error" and no message appears. I know Netscape is looking for
>the connection, I mean it's asking me to get connected but it's not what
>I want
>  Can somebody help me on this PLEASE

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