NEW real time spectral analysis software!!

gobrad at EUnet.yu gobrad at EUnet.yu
Sun Apr 5 16:19:32 EST 1998

*****************   SIGVIEW  v1.1  **********************

SIGVIEW is first  really affordable complete spectral analysis application
distributed as shareware.
SIGVIEW exists as a 16 or 32-bit application for Windows 3.x/95/NT

SIGVIEW features:
    - acquisition and monitoring from sound cards and professional A/D
    - working same way with live signals coming from your A/D converter and
disk files
    - very fast FFT algorithm with fine parameter tuning
    - Time FFT with exquisite visualisation system (spectrogram, waterfall,
multicolor, zooming, rotation, real time)
    - graphical block diagram environment
    - cross spectral analysis
    - real time signal calculator
    - many new, innovative solutions
    - easy to use, very flexible, low system requirements

Visit one of these sites, get more informations, view some screenshots and
download FULLY FUNCTIONAL evaluation
copy (only 600KB).


*****************   SIGVIEW  v1.1  **********************

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