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Thu Apr 16 10:19:07 EST 1998

> > Is anyone aware of any applications that provide the functionality of
> > Consed (University of Washington) but will run as a java applet?

> Hi, if you get any useful responses, could you please summarize for the
> net or forward me copies?  Thanks!

I did not receive any pointers to the "exact" solution I am looking for but I
did get a few responses and here are some possible alternatives...

Gap4 (part of staden Package)
     Excellent program which we are already using but not what I was
     looking for because (1) It is proprietary and (2) It is not Java.
     I want something that will run on the web.

There are also a few TraceViewers out there.

     Whitehead Institute TraceViewer
     This is Java and freely available.

     Baylor College of Medicine TraceViewer
     This is Java and freely available.

     Trev (Staden Package)
     This one is not Java but is freely available.

I have also considered using Opengroup's Broadway which allows you to access
X-applications through a web browser via a plugin.
But this would require installation on the client side which I am trying to

If anyone has other solutions please add to the thread.

Joseph Ryan
National Human Genome Research Institute
jfryan @

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