Upgrading Endnote? Buyer beware. . .

Haun, Randy HaunRandyS at EXCHANGE.UAMS.EDU
Sat Apr 18 14:08:02 EST 1998

If you interested in purchasing Endnote from Niles Software or an update to
this program, you may be interested in the following.

I recently (mid-December) paid for an incremental update (version 2.0 to
version 2.3) of my Niles Software Endnote program.  Then, last month, I
received a notice that Niles Software had just released a major update
(version 3).  I contacted their "customer service" department to find out if
I would receive the latest update at a discounted price since I had just
updated but was told that the cut off date was January 1, 1998.  So, I would
have to pay the full amount for the upgrade.  I commented that if I had been
told in December that a major upgrade was to be released shortly, that I
would have waited for the major upgrade rather than wasting my money on the
minor upgrade.  And what was their response?  "This is exactly why we do not
announce upgrades 4 months before they become available: we would go out of
business without any income while people waited for the new version."

Not being a businessperson, I guess it's a better business practice to gouge
your established customers for a few extra dollars to keep a positive cash
flow than to keep your customers satisfied.  Who didn't know that Microsoft
was going to release Windows 95 well in advance of its actual release (or
that Windows 98 will be released soon - alright, sometime in the future) or
that other software publishers are going to release major upgrades to their
software?  Of course potential customers may delay their purchases until the
new version is release; but once released, the company will still make the
sale.  With the approach of Niles Software, I now know there is a new
version of Endnote, but I am not going to purchase it.  So, in the long run,
they have lost a sale - and probably an established customer.  (Or, I'll
wait until after Windows 98 is released because Niles Software will then
probably release another update to include whatever bells and whistles Win98

Although the amount of money involved in this matter may be considered
somewhat trivial (relative to the cost of other research reagents, etc.),
with tight research budgets wasting any amount of money is not.  And, the
attitude displayed by Niles Software is particularly irksome.  So, if you
plan on spending your research dollars with such companies, I guess, as
always, the best advice is "buyer beware"!!!

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