Upgrading Endnote? Buyer beware. . .

Benjamin Z. Goldsteen ben at zeta.omrf.ouhsc.edu
Sun Apr 19 15:53:11 EST 1998

Haun, Randy wrote:
> If you interested in purchasing Endnote from Niles Software or an update to
> this program, you may be interested in the following.
> I recently (mid-December) paid for an incremental update (version 2.0 to
> version 2.3) of my Niles Software Endnote program.  Then, last month, I
> received a notice that Niles Software had just released a major update
> (version 3).  I contacted their "customer service" department to find out if
> I would receive the latest update at a discounted price since I had just
> updated but was told that the cut off date was January 1, 1998.  So, I would
> have to pay the full amount for the upgrade.  I commented that if I had been
> told in December that a major upgrade was to be released shortly, that I
> would have waited for the major upgrade rather than wasting my money on the
> minor upgrade.  And what was their response?  "This is exactly why we do not
> announce upgrades 4 months before they become available: we would go out of
> business without any income while people waited for the new version."

I went through the same thing.  However, I am not quite as disappointed:

1) The upgrade price from version 2.x to 2.3 was fairly small.
2) The upgrade price from 2.x to 3 is only $80
3) Versions purchased after Jan 1 are entitled to a free upgrade.

I was a bit frustrated since I ordered the upgrade in January.  However,
the original product was ordered years ago.  Essentialy, we paid a few
extra bucks so we could run 2.3 rather than 2.2 while we wait for 3.0. 
They certainly can't stay in business by offering lifetime upgrades.

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