database for tracking transgenic plant lines

Brian Fristensky frist at
Wed Apr 22 18:44:21 EST 1998

Roger Morton wrote:

> I am looking for a database that could be used for keeping track of
> transgenic plant lines. I would like to be able to enter a plant number
> and have the DB come up with the parent plant, the construct
> transformed, the southern results, expression details, segregation data
> etc.
> Surely such a database exists. I was nearly going to write my own in MS
> Access. But then I realised I was not clever enough. :(
> Roger Morton
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> roger.morton at

 You might want to try ACeDB, which is used by almost all of
the plant databases. It is available free for most platforms, and
is very customizeable. The learning curve for installation
is a bit steep, but the learning curve for use is very short.

Our entire lab, including transgenic plant lines, hosts,
vectors etc. is organized using ACeDB.  I have set up a Web site
showing how you can set up a similar system for your
lab, complete with a sample database and screen shots:


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