Jorge Hernandez Torres jhernant at UIS.EDU.CO
Wed Apr 29 17:48:39 EST 1998

Hi netters!

I'm looking for somme help. I'm trying to download the The BioNet 
Software Compendium from the
bionet/compend/contents.htm adress. Each time the system refuses to 
transfer the programs to my PC even trying connection by FTP (acces 
denied to anonymous user). I'm very interested to get the Molecular 
Biology & Genetics programs, e.g., Foreign Gene Expression in Yeast Genetics 
& Mapping The Lac Operon, Molecular Genetics of a Virus SimLife 
Scenarios. Q: Is there any restriction to download this files? It should 
be necesary any password? I understood that this is free educational 
software. Thanks a lot for any help.

Prof. Jorge Hernandez Torres

 //=\    	Ph.D. Jorge Hernandez Torres
 \=// 		Prof. Biologia Molecular
  //=\ 		Director Escuela de Biologia
  \=//   	Universidad Industrial de Santander
   //=\  	Apartado Aereo 678
   \=//		Bucaramanga, Santander
    //=\ 	COLOMBIA
    \=//	Tel. 6344000 Ext.2354 Fax. 6346149
     //=\ 	E-mail: jhernant at   or
			Biojef at

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