VisualBasic or JavaScript for bionet users

JMonahan monahan at
Thu Apr 30 17:37:44 EST 1998

I am in the process of writing a software application for genomics/bionet
users. I will be embedding a scripting interface and am trying to decide if
I should go with a VisualBasic or JavaScript dialog.  On one hand Basic is
well known to even Microsoft Office users as a scripting language. It is
however crude when used with complex functions, flow control issues etc..
On the other hand JavaScript has a cleaner type of flow control and is "easy
to read" if that makes any sense. The problem is it is new. The application
will not be done for about 2 years so I am trying to decide what the status
of scripting interfaces will be at that time. Would welcome comments, if
need be to monahan at

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