Scientific Misconduct, Thomas Jefferson University, and Roger J. Pomerantz

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Thu Apr 30 17:54:06 EST 1998

Shouldn't you at least sign your mesage with your name and
affiliation, so that the readers know what or whether you have
anything to gain by all this? You could be the dr. Bagasra that you
say is the only innocent person.

No anonymous messages please! And why post this on the proteins

And I agree about waiting for more proof, one newspaper article is not
a lot to base your opinion on.


Leicester, UK

On Wed, 29 Apr 1998 13:08:09 -0600, pfear at wrote:

>To all in the scientific community,
>                        I awoke this morning to find a rather disturbing
>article in the Philadelphia Inquirer, the major newspaper of Philly.  Today
>they reported some possible misconduct by Roger J. Pomerantz and his associate
>Dr. Duan.  They have been very popular here in the area for some new treatment
>for HIV they have been developing.  It seems that their new treatment was fake
>and would have hurt patients who recieved the treatment.  My impression of the
>news article is that they were trying to fool the scientific community and
>take advantage of AIDS patients.  Jefferson has been covering this up, and
>protecting this man.  I don't understand why?  This is horrible.   They should
>all be ashamed of themselves.  I am interested to see further reports on this,
>and I would like to bring this to the attention of scientists everywhere.  I
>find use of government grants for personal gain deplorable, and faked science
>even more horrible.  These men should not be allowed to continue in research.
> Dr. Bagasra seems like the only honest man in the article, and he is being
>removed from the university.  I don't understand it.  Please read the article
>and decide for yourselves.  It is on the web at:
>                                    Science should be about fact, not money !
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