clustal IS y2k compliant.

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> > >         Clustal programs are y2k compliant.
> > Giggle.  Hey, my wristwatch is y2k compliant! :-)
> Maybe so, but for how long?

Well, OK, so I have to set the date in non-31 day months (leap years as
well as non-leap), but it won't crash when we hit 2000 . . .[0]

> You can buy "millenium countdown clocks" that
> tell you how many days to the start of year 2000 but they only come with a
> "one year guarantee" :-)

That's good, because the millennium proper doesn't start until 2001.

> Come to think of it - what does a "millenium countdown clock" show when
> Y2K does arrive? Reset to a Y3K countdown perhaps?

Now *that* would be a good gimmick.

[0] it's an analogue watch[1], if you hadn't guessed
[1] with no battery.

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