ACM: comparing DNA-fragment genotypes

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Sun Feb 1 17:21:52 EST 1998

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The ACM performs Align-and-Count Method comparisons of DNA fragment
length genotypes, such as restriction fragment length polymorphism
(RFLP) data. The Align-and-Count Method is described in Salamon et al.
1998 [1].

Collections of electrophoretically seperated molecules, from
one-dimensional gel electrophoresis runs are typically termed `lanes'. 
Each distinct size class of molecules on the gel is termed a `band'.

Fragment lengths or molecular weights from pairs of lanes are compared,
and a number of matching bands are calculated using the Align-and-Count
Method. Band intensities are not used in this method.

For more information, please see and

1. Salamon H, Segal MR, Ponce de Leon A, Small P. A Method Accommodating
Analysis of Error Facilitates Comparison and Clustering of Molecular
Fingerprints. Emerging Infectious Diseases (in press)

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