software to print protein structure images

Greg jquinn at
Mon Feb 2 23:40:12 EST 1998

chun ting zhang <ctzhang at> wrote:
> Dear netters:

> By what software (for PC) I can use to print out high quality 
> protein images, for example, ribbons or cartoons. 
> Thank you very much in advance.

Per Kraulis has written a very good program called Molscript which is able to ouput
high quality cartoons of proteins. You need to sign a license to get it, but there is
(I think still) no charge. Raster3d is an excellent set of programs which output high
quality images. Both Molscript  and Raster3d are command line programs and have been
compiled for the PC by various people. Rasmol, also available for the PC, is of
course also able to output ribbon and cartoon images but the last time I checked,
these were not really of publication quality (someone please correct me if I am

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