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Tue Feb 3 08:09:13 EST 1998

>Alan J. Robinson wrote:
>> I would like to be able to do relatively simple manipulation and
>> analysis of data sets, along the lines of the basic capabilities of
>> SAS.  As you may know, statistics packages like SAS, (and ESPECIALLY
>> SAS) are VERY expensive.  Are there other tools out there in the UNIX
>> and Windows95 world which will do pretty much the same thing?  (I've
>> found spread sheets to be rather clumsy for this sort of thing.)

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Gerald Loeffler  <loeffler at> wrote:
>I'm currently in the process of getting my company to buy such a piece
>of software. I got the impression that S-PLUS my Mathsoft is being used
>by several people with success. A look at the web-page certainly looked
>encouraging, and so I decided to opt for S-PLUS.

I've had some success with the "R" package, which implements a language
very close to "S", as used in S-Plus (it's close enough that I managed
to port an S-plus extension written in F77 from the Statlib S Archive
without any problems, but I may have just been lucky).

R is free under the Gnu Public License. The current release is 0.61.1,
but I've found it to be reasonably complete and stable.


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