Software Engineering

Joseph James qtechsof at
Tue Feb 3 16:12:29 EST 1998

I am a semi-retired software engineer and technical writer with thirty
years of professional experience, most of it acquired through the
development of complex applications for scientists and mathematicians
involved in research, as well as for Fortune 500 corporations in the
United States.  During the last decade, I've created custom software
for an international clientele as an internet-based developer.  I
specialize in the rapid, cost-effective prototyping of scientific and
mathematical applications (for both small-circle research use and for
commercial deployment), and I only work on one project at a time.
I do not have a website and do no advertising other than occasional
newsgroup messages like this one.

If you have a serious interest in developing a prototype of a
software system which meets the abovementioned criteria, please
feel free to contact me by email using the address below for a free
consultation, without any cost or obligation whatsoever.  If your
application interests me sufficiently, I will prototype it free of
charge in exchange for your willingness to provide an honest
business reference and appraisal of my work to other potential
clients, upon request.

Joseph James (SPAM GUARD: replace the
                                 characters "XXX-AT-XXX"
                                 with the character "@"
                                 to obtain my actual
                                 email address.)

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