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Peaks Software availability:

Peaks is a utility to analyze data from an HPLC or similar instrument.

Peaks was written to analyze data from our laboratory HPLC which
consisted of a time axis, and a y-axis, where we wished to integrate
areas under the various peaks in our data.  This data typically comes
from laboratory instruments that are connected by an Analog to Digital
card to a computer.
The current version of Peaks is fully windowed, and includes both text
and graphical output.
Peaks is a 32 bit program for Windows NT or Windows 95.  Versions are
available for Intel and for DEC alpha processors.

A major advantage of Peaks is that it is free.

This is the product of my first serious C++ programming exercise.  I
wrote it to learn C++ and windows programming, and because my
laboratory colleagues needed such a program.  Peaks fills a need we
had, and I’m distributing it in the hopes it is useful to others. It
probably has bugs and various unanticipated methods of crashing (use at
your own risk), but it seems to work.  Please send me an e-mail if you
find it useful, or when you find a bug.

A few other biology programs for Windows NT are available at my web
site. These are typically programs that someone else wrote, and they
were gracious enough to allow me to compile them for windows NT.
These include:

        ClustalW for a DEC Alpha.
        ClustalX for a DEC Alpha.
        GeneDoc 2.2 for a DEC Alpha.
        MapMaker and QTL for a DEC Alpha.
        Molphy 2.2 (Protml) for a DEC Alpha.
        NCBI programs Nentrez, Blast client, Sequin for a DEC Alpha.
        Peaks 0.8 for a DEC Alpha.
        Phylip 3.57 for a DEC Alpha.
        ReadSeq for a DEC Alpha.
        SeqPup 0.5 for a DEC Alpha.
        MapMaker and QTL for an Intel.
        Molphy 2.2 (Protml) for an Intel.
        Peaks 0.8 for an Intel.

Note that DEC alpha binaries will not run on an Intel CPU computer.

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