software to print protein structure images

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> Dear netters:
> By what software (for PC) I can use to print out high quality 
> protein images, for example, ribbons or cartoons. 
> Thank you very much in advance.
> R. Zhang
> E-mail address: ctzhang at

My personal favourit is the Swiss-PdbViewer available freely at

I have tried both the Mac and PC versions (2.6) and both of them do a very
decent job (either on a Power Mac 8600/200 or a P166 PC).  You will need
the QuickDraw3D library from apple to run the program, but that is
available for free, and if you want to generate really nice ray traced
images you can export the scenes that you generate to POV-ray (a freeware
rendering program).

My compliments to Nicolas Guex and Manuel C. Peitsch for an excellent program!


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