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Michael W. Thompson nospam at nospam.noway.nohow
Wed Feb 4 16:07:09 EST 1998

brais at wrote:

> In opening word perfect 6.1 for windows files I get a bunch of garbage
> characters. After attempting to recover from backup I get the error that
> says that the header is corrupted. What I would like to know if anyone
> has had any experience with retrieving information under similar
> circumstances. I have probably 100 files and none of them are readable.
> Is there a utility available which can read and repair the header
> information? Thanks in advance for any information or help.

    Sounds like you might have a word "macro virus"-- we had one on our lab
computer that caused some similar symptoms.  An up-to-date virus checker
(you can find those at or any similar site) will take care of
the problem, if that is indeed the problem.  Hope that helps.
replies-- post here.  I refuse to post my real email address here due to the
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