software to print protein structure images

Per Kraulis pjk at
Wed Feb 4 13:01:57 EST 1998

chun ting zhang wrote:

> By what software (for PC) I can use to print out high quality 
> protein images, for example, ribbons or cartoons. 

You could try MolScript v2.0 which produces PostScript, VRML 2.0 and
Raster3D files from an input script and a PDB file. There is also an
OpenGL interactive graphics mode, and JPEG, PNG ad EPS image file output
formats, but these require additional libraries. The program is written
in C (ANSI), and reportedly compiles with GNU's gcc.

For more information, see the Official MolScript Web Site at

where the documentation, license conditions (free for academics and
students) and distribution instructions can be found

/Per Kraulis

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