PDB amino acid positions

islam islam at icrf.icnet.uk
Thu Feb 5 09:12:33 EST 1998


This is a straight forward request, but for which platforms
do you need the program and how do you want the output format ?
One word of caution - there may be missing residues in the data
in which case the numbering may not truly represent the numberical
order of the residues.

Iddo Friedberg wrote:
> Hi All,
> Does anybody know of a good, robust  program which will accept a PDB
> file as input, and for the output deliver for each amino acid it's PDB
> position number. Including such vagaries as negative numbering (some
> files have them), and non-numerical positions (as in serine proteinases,
> where there are such things as 65A).
> Please reply by email, as well as to this newsgroup.
> Many thanks,
> Iddo
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