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> Have you wasted lots of time looking for a blood sample you knew you 
> had received? Or spent ages sorting samples into order, so that you 
> can find them later?
> Then Finder! is for you.

> All you do is place your sample into a rack, then enter the sample 
> number into Finder! When you want to find the sample again, ask 
> Finder!, and it will tell you where it's stored. Brilliant, but simple.

> Visit to download a 
> function limited working program, including a quick start guide.

> Contact JGW Computing by email to:

> jgw.computing at

Later version now available on the web site. Changes include:
* sample numbers can contain characters, digits and decimal points
* range checks on all the above
* length of sample number increased to 12 characters per number
* more comprehensive bar-code entry setup
* limited testing of bar-code entry with new bar-code reader 
configuration option

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