Jack_D jdieck at
Sat Feb 7 01:15:02 EST 1998

Beware of a company known as NetConnect, Inc. doing business out of Markham,
Ontario.  This company was once known as Markham Computer Corporation.  They
had offices in Boca Raton, FL. and are marketing a product known as
NetSupport Manager.  This company skipped out of the United States in the
middle of the night, leaving employees and vendors holding the bag.  Even
personal property was taken to Canada against the owner’s wishes, and has
yet to be returned.  The owners of this company, the Batra’s, also run a
company call Batra International.  DON’T DO BUSINESS WITH THESE PEOPLE, they
cannot be trusted.  Court records show that they’ve skipped out of the U.S.
to avoid paying outstanding bills.  Try collecting something from someone in
a foreign country.  Senator Bob Graham of Florida is pursuing this case with
the United States Justice Department.  Again, be very wary about doing any
kind of business with these people.
Please pass this along to each agency that you think might have a need to

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