ImageQuant for NT can it run under Win95?

Rick Thompson No at Spam.please
Mon Feb 9 13:51:14 EST 1998

We have a Storm PhophoImager system running imagequant software for windows NT. 
 The old version of ImageQuant for windows 3.3 will run under Win95, but is 
limited in that it does not have many of the features of the NT version.  
Especially it does not support long file names.  I'd like to know if anyone out 
there has figured out a way to get the NT version to run under Win95.  This 
would free up a logjam on the NT work station.  Unfortunately Molecular 
Dynamics simply states `it was designed to run under NT' and no one here is 
really experienced with cross platform apps.  This might be simple (e.g. copy 
a few DLLs with appropriate path statements), or it might be impossible for all 
I know.  If anyone has any experience or ideas I'd appreciate hearing them.

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