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Wed Feb 11 13:58:33 EST 1998

Have you been lied to or deceived by Corel's technical team? Have they
knowingly sold you the wrong software (Paradox 8) causing you to waste
valueable time and money?

Did you hire Corel's technical team to do a specific project for you and found
that the finished product was defective or deceivingly incomplete? Did they
complete you project months after the due date, or after months of being late,
did they tell you that they did not have the technology to do your project at
Or did they say that your project was complete when they had not even started
the project that you hired them to do?

Has Corel's technical team damaged your business or created great financial
loss to your business?

If you can prove any of the above statements and you are interested in joining
a class action suite against Corel Corporation, contact me. Include a detailed
description of your circumstances.

LAWSUITE at aol.com

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