need help.....

cda classads at
Wed Feb 11 09:45:50 EST 1998

I am finding a real-life example in which the software development
project was completes throught the use of prototyping. This is for my
assignment, and I am having difficulties in finding such info over the
net, so I've think of getting help from the usenet, from you people
out there.
Please send me the info , like URL where to find the information, your
email address(to get contact with u). If you have experience this
process yourself, please write to me the story including the following
- description of the software, its nature and application area;
- a brieft write-up on the prototyping methodology of development;
- why the prototyping method is particulaly suitable for the
development of this software;
- how the software was acctually developed using this methodology.

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