MatInspector 2.2

Kerstin Quandt quandt at
Thu Feb 12 13:14:57 EST 1998

We would like to announce the availability of an enhanced  
interactive version 2.2 of the program MatInspector. A variety of
formats for DNA sequences (IG, GCG, EMBL, FASTA) can now be
used as input.

MatInspector is a program that uses a large library of predefined
matrix descriptions of transcription factor binding sites
to locate matches in nucleotide sequences of unlimited length.

This library is now based on the latest release 3.3 of the
TRANSFAC database (

You can use MatInspector 2.2 interactively via WWW at

An even more powerful version of MatInspector that is able to
   - scan database sections (EMBL) and the EPD for TF sites 
   - and is also capable of scanning sequences for IUPAC strings
is available free of charge at Genomatix Software GmbH:

Kerstin Quandt       |  email:    quandt at
GSF - Forschungszentrum      
National Research Centre for Environment and Health
85764 Neuherberg,  F.R.Germany

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