FramePlot 2.0

ISHIKAWA Jun jun at
Mon Feb 16 02:40:26 EST 1998

FramePlot, a web-based protein-coding region prediction tool for 
high GC-content bacteria, is updated to version 2.0, and is
currently in a beta-test. Please check out the following URL:

		New features of version 2.0
Clickable Map: 
    You can get nucleotide and amino acid sequence (FASTA
    format) of the ORF you interested by clicking the graph.  
BLAST Gateway: 
    And you can submit the sequence immediately to the NCBI
    BLAST server.  
Step Size: 
    "Window" is moved along the sequence by the set "step size".
    Larger step size makes FramePlot run much faster. But it
    will produce low resolution plot.  
Auto Image Width: 
     "Image width" is adjusted automatically. 

Comments are very much appreciated.
Thank you.

ISHIKAWA Jun, Ph.D.            Natl. Inst. of Infectious Diseases
(jun at                Dept. of Bioactive Molecules

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