Reading Mac disks in PC

Tue Feb 17 15:24:01 EST 1998

> >>Does anyone know of freeware for reading Mac disks in PC?
> >
> >If you are talking about old information that was already written on
> >Mac-formatted disks, the easiest is to use a Mac to read them and then
> >rewrite the same information on PC-formatted disks.

> This is the solution often offered and of no use if the user has a Mac
> formatted disc containing data and only a PC to hand.

> Try searching for mac and disk.

Conversion programs for the PC will help if it's a high density (1.44M)
disk.  If you've got an older double density (400K or 800K) disk, you'll
need to find a Mac somewhere, since PC drive hardware isn't capable of
dealing with those formats (double density 3.5" PC disks are 720K).

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