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Title:  International School-Workshop On Computational Biology

Organizer: International Center for Mechanical Sciences (CISM)
           Udine - Italy

Program Committee: R. Ravi (Carnegie Mellon University)
		   P. Serafini (University of Udine)
		   G. Lancia (University of Padua)

Venue:  International Center for Mechanical Sciences (CISM)
        Udine - Italy

Dates:  June 10-19, 1998.

Sponsors:  University of Udine, Italian Research Council, UNESCO.


The aim of this school is at providing a review of the most important
computational problems motivated by different applications in
molecular biology. In particular, results will be presented concerning
the complexity of the problems, provably good and/or efficient
solutions, modeling and statistical analysis. The school will last six

The last two days will be devoted to a workshop where contributed
papers will be presented. The papers will not be refereed. Contributed
talks announcing software developed as part of research projects in
computational biology are especially welcome. To participate, please
submit an extended abstract (up to four pages long) by email,
preferably in postscript format, to any of the organizers
(ravi at, serafini at, lancia at by
March 31, 1998.


   * Basic concepts of molecular biology: R. Ravi - Carnegie Mellon
     University - Pittsburgh;
   * Computational challenges in gene-hunting: Pavel Pevzner - University of
     Southern California - Los Angeles;
   * Physical Mapping: Richard Karp - University of Washington - Seattle;
   * Sequence assembly: Eugene Myers - University of Arizona - Tucson;
   * Indexing Data Structures for Large Genomic DataBases: Paolo Ferragina -
     University of Pisa;
   * Algorithmic aspects of sequence comparison: Daniel Gusfield -
     University of California - Davis;
   * Pattern Matching Algorithms for Sequence Regularities and Statistics:
     Alberto Apostolico - University of Padua and Purdue University - West
   * Multiple sequence alignments: John Kececioglu - University of Georgia -
   * Phylogenetic reconstruction: Martin Farach - Rutgers University -
     Piscataway ;
   * Integrating phylogenetic reconstruction and multiple sequence
     alignments: Martin Vingron - Heidelberg;
   * Protein Folding and Structure Prediction Algorithms : Sorin Istrail -
     Sandia National Laboratories;
   * Shortest Paths, Hidden Markov Models and Weighted Automata: Raffaele
     Giancarlo - University of Palermo;

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