Multiple sequence alignment software???

Tburglin burglin at
Thu Feb 19 10:23:26 EST 1998

Does anybody know of a good multiple sequence alignment software
for protein and DNA that works either under Unix or on the Macintosh?

I am looking for something like Lineup in GCG, but that has
not this stupid limit of 30 sequences.
gelassemble is not the real thing either, since I don't have
sequencing projects

The seqlab version of GCG is very tedious to use.

I tried Seqvue, but that is virtually impossible to use if one has to
add many gaps.

ClustalX doesn't really do the job either.

Seqpub can do it, but again the use is pretty tedious.

I used a nice little old program by Wil Gilbert, MSE (multiple
sequence editor). Alas, there is no source, and it runs only
under VMS (our computer center switched to unix now, so it doesn't run

I also tried GeneJockey II, which we have, again, for that purpose it's

I also have and use MACAW, but for normal purposes, this is also

Any other ideas?  I just can't believe there is no useful simple
sequence editor which allows one to push sequences left and right, and
insert gaps.

Anybody has experience with any of the commerical packages for

Thanks for any info.

Thomas Burglin

(fix my address to reply)

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