Need alpha testers for multiple-regression programs [Macintosh]

Philippe Casgrain no.junk.casgrain at
Thu Feb 19 11:04:09 EST 1998

I have developed a program that performs multiple regression with permutation
tests. The program was originally introduced in:

Legendre, P., Lapointe, F.-J., & Casgrain, P. (1994). Modeling brain
evolution from behavior: a permutational regression approach. Evolution,
48, 1487-1499.   

The new version, currently alpha0, is quite different from the previous
one, and I have spent lots of hours on it. If you would like to take a
look, please do so at the following addresses:


This version has been extensively tested in-house, and is much more
robust/easy to use than the previous one. It is native on Macs and
PowerMacs. And of course it's still free! Please try a few analyses using
your data and report the bugs (if any) back to me. I highly recommend that
you subscribe to the Permute-L mailing list so that you may receive update
notices and other correspondence. To subscribe, write a message to
"autoshare at" with, in the "Subject:" field of your
message, "sub permute-l yourfirstname yourlastname" (no quotes, and put
your actual name!).

Best wishes,

Philippe Casgrain

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