PICT for PC?

John Michael Sauder sauder at polaris.fccc.edu
Fri Feb 20 09:46:00 EST 1998

In article <6cgl3b$v7f$1 at taurus.fccc.edu> sauder at polaris.fccc.edu (John Michael Sauder) writes:
>In article <34E43AAB.4C74 at somjunk.bbsrc.ac.uk> michael.baron at nospam.bbsrc.ac.uk writes:
>>Anastas Pashov wrote:
>>> Could anyone. please, help me - I have PICT files but no Mac available.
>>> Is it possible to view them in PC?
>>All the PC drawing programs I have come across (CorelDraw, FreeLance,
>>Harvard, PowerPoint) purport to import PICT files, 
>>michael dot baron at bbsrc dot ac dot uk
>	If I generate an encapsulated PostScript file on the Mac that
>has a PICT preview in the resource fork, is there any way I can transfer
>this file to a PC and preserve the preview image?  I'd like to generate
>EPS files on my Mac and give them to someone for use in Word for Windows.
>Is there a free/shareware program for the PC that will generate a bitmap
>preview that is viewable by Word/Windows?

	I may have answered my own question.  The freeware Mac program,
PS2EPS+ (by Peter Lerup), is capable of generating not only PICT previews 
in the resource fork of Mac EPS files, but is also capable of saving a 
copy that is readable by a PC (i.e., with a bitmap in the data fork, 
nothing in the resource fork).

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