Multiple sequence alignment software???

Tburglin burglin at
Fri Feb 20 12:21:19 EST 1998

andrew.rambaut at wrote:
> In article <34EC4E64.A5A at>,
> burglin at wrote:
> > Any other ideas?  I just can't believe there is no useful simple
> > multiple
> > sequence editor which allows one to push sequences left and right, and
> > insert gaps.
> You could try my Mac program Se-Al. The web address is
> This is a prototype of a program I hope to finish soon. Please
> try it and let me know what you think (i.e. any features you
> would like to see). Its biggest advantage is you can swap between
> viewing nucleotides and viewing the protein translation. Any
> changes you make to the protein alignment will be present in
> the nucleotides when you switch back.
> Andrew

this looks indeed like a very nifty program for pushing
sequences around.

I'll play some more.

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