Multiple sequence alignment software???

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On Thu, 19 Feb 1998 15:23:26, Tburglin
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> Does anybody know of a good multiple sequence alignment software
> for protein and DNA that works either under Unix or on the Macintosh?

The only program I know of which lets you drag sequences around and
"nudge" individual residues into alignment is GeneDoc, from the
Pittsburgh Supercomputer Center. This is professionally-0coded and
scientifically state-of-the-art software which is mind-boggling if
you have never used it before. It runs under Windows (not sure of
other platforms), but has _no_ competition. Residues can be
highlighted according to conservation, chemical properties, 3D
structure, etc. It imports several multiple alignment files, but its
native format is MSF (GCG format, isn't it). Also imports results of
protein secondary structure prediction or xtal structures and
displays the features by highlighting. It is currently free.

The GeneDoc homepage is

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