16-bit TIFF viewer?

Charles Schneider #3254 schneid at chassagne.inra.frnsp
Wed Feb 25 05:53:17 EST 1998

In article <34F3115E.1F84 at eucmax.sim.ucm.es>, Enrique Castro <ecastro at eucmax.sim.ucm.es> writes:
|> Hello, 
|>   I wonder if any one knows of a shareware/freeware utility to view and
|> print (HP printers) 16 bit TIFF files (in DOS or Win 3.11, not win95). I
|> am thinking in something small. I do know that programs like Photoshop
|> can do it. In fact I have an image analysis system, where I _adquire_
|> the TIFF images and I can manipulate them. But I want to distribute the
|> files to some colleagues in the University (I cannot share the software
|> due to licensing).
|>   I have looked through VSL database, but I have got only 8-bit or
|> truecolor (24 bit) TIFF aware programs.
|>   Thanks a lot
|> Enrique Castro
|> ecastro at eucmax.sim.ucm.es

I presume you'll can find it in any ftp server for DOS and Win31 applications.

Charles Schneider
Unite de Recherches en Genetique
et Amelioration des Plantes

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