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Marc Saric saric at
Wed Feb 25 07:40:10 EST 1998

Dr. Andrew Bahn wrote:

> analyse the homology of different transport proteins on the 2nd or 3D
> level. Are these programms suitable for these analyses? Or are there
> other programms available that do the same cost free and better?
2nd and 3rd level? Do you mean secondary and tertiary structure of the
proteins (forgive me this silly question -I´m not too experienced in

If you are searching for protein structure analysis programs, you can
choose from a wide varity of free programs running on Unix, Win/WinNT or
Mac platforms.

I suggest Rasmol, Molmol, SwissPDB-Viewer gOpenmol, or ICM Lite.



for listings and reviews of such programs (you will also find links for
downloading the mentioned packages).


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