GhostScript printing

Marc Saric saric at
Wed Feb 25 07:45:56 EST 1998

crosley at wrote:
>      24/Feb/98
>      Does anyone use Ghostscript? I can produce a figure on
>      my VDU but it won't print. I use Windows 3.1 and my
>      printer is an Epson Stylus 820. Any suggestions
>      gratefully received. John Shaw.

I pressume that you use GSView as a frontend to Ghostscript under

I don´t know wether this option exists under Win3.1 but for the
Win95/NT-version, there is an option called "winprinter" in the
printer-setup-menu, which will rasterize the postscript-file and sent it
to the default windows-printer, which thereafter will output this source
as rastergraphics.

This should work with any properly installed Windows-printer-driver. the
output-quality is very good, at last it is with my printer under Win95.
And it should print everything which can be displayed with GSView.


Marc Saric

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